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Today’s PowerPoints

In class stuff on February 11, 2009 at 5:37 AM

Sorry to be a little late. Click on this link to get the slides.

We will be guided in our discussion by the following question:

1) What do economic policymakers view as the most troubling market failure and, therefore, the one that needs the most prompt corrective action on government’s part?

2) Is this a view shared by the three economic paradigms?

3) What role does production play in keeping the economy afloat?

4) What is the necessary “flip-side” of production in the current economic regime?

5) Why is the current way that GNP calculated problematic from the standpoint of sound economic policy?

Today, as you know, your first essays are due. Joshua and I will be grading them based on the following rubric.
Rubric for grading finance essays


1. What is the author’s thesis?
2. How effectively does the author state his/her thesis?
3. How organized is the essay? Does the author make his/her points in a logical manner? (take points off for rambling)
4. Does the author develop his/her thesis effectively (i.e., does he/she make a persuasive case?)
5. What is the author’s conclusion? Does he/she summarize the main points?


1. Does the author quote any of the articles from class (include blog entries)?
2. Does the author attempt to incorporate any of the three paradigms discussed in class?
3. Does the author show any familiarity with the concepts discussed in class?
4. Does the author incorporate the class material into his/her answer with skill?
5. Does the essay make sense?

The above criteria will also apply to future essays. The next one will be assigned later this week and will be due two weeks from today.


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