Bob Cropf

For class on Wednesday

In class stuff, economics, stimulus on February 2, 2009 at 8:32 AM

This week we will be reviewing the theories we’ve talked about so far in class. As a way of framing this discussion please read the following article by David Leohardt, which appeared in yesterday’s NY Times Magazine. As you read the article, come prepared to discuss the following:

The article discusses Mancur Olson’s work on interest groups. How does Olson’s theory fit with the three paradigms?

What is “investment-deficit disorder”? What does the author say cause this economic malady?

Why does Leonhardt think it is so important to transform as opposed to merely stimulate the economy?

Why is health care so hard to reform?

What is the connection between public education and economic growth?

Leonhardt makes reference to something in the last section of the article that takes us full circle to Heilbronner in the first class. What is it?


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