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Charlie Rose – A conversation about Obama’s economic stimulus package

In stimulus on January 27, 2009 at 1:46 PM

Martin Feldstein and Joseph Stiglitz discuss Obama’s stimulus package on Jan 27, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  1. Very interesting!

  2. I haven’ watched this YET, but to add to the discussion about the shape of a stimulus.

    “Mark Zandi, a Republican economist who advised John McCain’s presidential campaign, has been stressing this point for months. Zandi’s research showed a corporate tax cut delivering $0.30 in real GDP growth for every $1 invested, an alternative minimum tax patch delivering $0.48 for every $1 invested, and a regular tax rebate delivering anywhere from $1.02 to $1.28 for every $1.

    Compare that to aid to state governments, which Republicans have roundly criticized: $1.36 for every $1 invested. Infrastructure spending delivers a whopping $1.59 in GDP for every $1.”

  3. Wow! Kathleen you raise a lot of good, insightful points in your comments. Maybe we can discuss some of them this evening.

  4. I find it more than interesting that Feldstein is/was on the AIG board. As such Feldstein seemingly was one of those who had oversight of the division of the international insurer that contributed to the company’s crisis in September, 2008. Now the guy is on Obama’s economic recovery advisory board. I hope he learned something very insightful over the last few months if we intend to avoid/delay the Marxist paradigm from taking hold.

  5. Stiglitz and Feldstein seem pretty similar from a Keynesian perspective. Although Stiglitz in the summary appeared to open the specter that perhaps in a few months if what is being put in place today doesn’t work a more free market strategy (aka classical paradigm) is the next most logical approach.

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